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Let’s talk about the Industry that Moves the World’s Largest Economy, that moves the United States.

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In a profitable business that is not affected by crises, where it can provide services to first-line companies and grow with capital from investors who buy vehicles. You can also obtain a visa or residence in the US. You and your investors regardless. Contact us and we will send the information to your email so you can evaluate this business.

Have a Business 


At Engel And Voelkers Hollywood Beach we can offer you this business opportunity with a cost from low $ 180,000 and thus be the owner of a ground transportation company with the possibility of applying for visas or residence, invite investors to your project and an estimated return of 40 %, a complete business opportunity.

All ready for you to buy


We have the corporations that can be owned quickly, a network of companies where you can outsource your business operations and the proposal you need to have your transportation company running.

An anti crisis business opportunity

Law of Supply and Demand

In a country where supply and demand rule the free market, the mainstay of the United States, having a highly sought after business is an important business advantage.


At the time of the real estate crisis and COVID19 , the trucking industry was not affected; on the contrary, request increased

Attention throughout the country

The possibility of literally “Transporting” your services to any point of the country where there is demand, including Canada and Mexico, complete the competitive advantage of the business.

Qualify to get


This industry qualifies to apply for visas and residency. But this will depend on each particular case and the country of origin. Don’t have a lawyer? We provide it to you. (For this, the advice of a migration lawyer is required.)

Contact us and have the

Opportunity to meet us

And talk about a profitable business, which supports crisis, can grow with capital from others and can be used for a visa or residence. When filling out the form we will send you immediately by email all the explanation that you really need to analyze.
Your profitable transportation company in America.

Embark on extraordinary.


From a majestic charter in the Mediterranean to a private flight to your dream vacation destination—for all those unforgettable moments in your life, Engel & Völkers offers exclusive service tailored to your needs.

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Made up of market experts around the globe, serving our local communities is our passion. Expect a boutique experience powered by, what we like to say, the world’s real estate brand.


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Engel & Völkers is a proud champion of Special Olympics, working together to unleash the human spirit though the transformative power and joy of sports. Our shared passion for this mission transcends throughout the local communities in which we serve.

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